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Note Regarding the Front Cover: Just as Judas betrayed Jesus Christ with an exterior act of devotion, there are those who betray Our Lady of Fatima while showing exterior devotion to her.

Treachery Exposed!

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Distorting the Message of Fatima is "official" Church policy!

Ferrara notes recent popes have been unsparing in their assessment of the crises now tearing apart the Church and the world. In his Christmas message of 2010, Pope Benedict could not have framed the situation in more dramatic – downright apocalyptic – terms:

     “The human race is involved today in a SUPREME CRISIS, which will issue in its salvation by Christ, or in its DIRE DESTRUCTION.”

And recent popes have acknowledged the crucial role of the Fatima Prophecy in addressing this crisis:

     “The Appeal of Our Lady of Fatima is so deeply rooted in the Gospel and Tradition that the Church feels herself bound by this Message.” – Pope John Paul II, May 13, 1982.

And Pope Benedict XVI, while traveling to Fatima on May 11, 2010, surprised the journalists aboard his plane by linking the scandals that are destroying the clergy and the moral authority of the Church to the Message of Fatima. Contradicting Cardinal Bertone, his own Secretary of State, the Pope declared that far from belonging to the past, the Message of Fatima indicates:

     “... future realities of the Church which are little by little developing and revealing themselves. ... the greatest persecution of the Church does not come from enemies outside, but arises from sin in the Church.

Ferrara connects the dots: the Church is being ripped apart from within. The Fatima Message predicts this and oers the only way to stop it. The popes acknowledge this. So why is Our Lady of Fatima not obeyed? Why is the full content of the Third Secret still hidden? Why are we still waiting for the Pope and bishops to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary?

The church is divided against herself! The new orientation of Vatican II opposes the message of Fatima!

In his insightful introduction to False Friends of Fatima, Father Nicholas Gruner recounts the infamous Metz Pact, signed by representatives of the Vatican and officals of the Russian Orthodox Church, who were also members of the KGB.

On the eve of Vatican II, eager to have members of the Russian Orthodox Church as observers at the Council, Pope John XXIII authorized an agreement that would prevent the Council from condemning communism.

The Second Vatican Council, not Our Lady of Fatima, was henceforth to be the guiding light of the Vatican bureaucracy – with disastrous consequences that continue to this day.

As Ferrara documents in page after page of this gripping account, the Vatican Secretariat of State, through successive cardinals, has for more than a half-century taken charge of the Message of Fatima with a single intention: DESTROY IT!

Fatima stands in the way of the Free- masonic program of a one-world religion based on the Freemasonic concept and definition of “tolerance.”

Yet, how can the Message of Fatima be gotten rid of? There is the historical record, popular devotion, the holy lives of the seers, the Miracle of the Sun, the Church’s acceptance of the Miracle and Her approval of the Message? The diabolical answer:

Fatima cannot be dismissed, but Fatima can be distorted! Enter the False Friends of Fatima!

The Cardinal Secretaries of State and their allies praise Fatima. Then, they stab it in the back: They talk about Fatima as finished – a thing of the past.

The Third Secret, we are told was a prediction of the assassination attempt against Pope John Paul II. Despite the manifest absurdities of the claim, it is still the “official” Party Line.

The Consecration of Russia, we are told, was done by John Paul II in 1984. Despite the Pope’s own denial and the denial of Sister Lucy; despite the notable absence of world peace and no conversion of Russia. Yet, the Secretary of State persists in the ridiculous claim. Case closed!

And in the words of Pope Benedict:


All that stands in the way of obedience to Our Lady of Fatima must be cleared away! The False Friends of Fatima are blocking the only path to world peace and the restoration of the Church! They must go! And Ferrara sends them packing!

False Friends of Fatima is essential reading for every Catholic; indeed, it is essential reading for everyone who wants to avoid the terrible chastisements failure to obey Our Lady will bring upon our already suffering world!

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